We are:

  • certificated and classified school staff and political activists 

  • union representatives and rank and file members

  • a diverse group of people with strong connections to our communities

We believe:

  • union power manifests primarily in the organizing activities of empowered rank-and-file members

  • our unions are strongest when members take collective action to solve problems in the workplace and fight for justice for our schools and society

  • school should be an inspiring and joyous experience for all, especially students

  • teachers need and deserve academic freedom to perform their job well

  • education related organizations should be democratically run by members freely voicing a diversity of opinions

  • school staff works best using unscripted collaboration towards shared goals

  • Peer Assisted Review in Berkeley has served to harass and intimidate teachers, while not necessarily improving their practice

We work to:

  • guide, support, and protect staff and students

  • create a participatory, democratic, social justice movement in our unions and communities

  • build solidarity with educators, students, families, and activists in our communities taking action to improve our public schools